Defence Public Sector Undertakings


There are sixteen Central Public Sector Undertakings under the administrative control of the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence.


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a Navratna Company, is the largest DPSU under the Department of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, India. HAL has built up comprehensive skills in Design, Development, Manufacture, Maintenance and Upgrade of Fighter, Trainers, Helicopters, Transport Aircraft, Aero-Engines, Avionics, Systems and Accessories. HAL has 20 Production Divisions, 10 R&D Centres and one Facility Management Division spread across the Country. It has so far produced 17 types of aircraft from in-house R&D and 14 types under license.

HAL is currently manufacturing Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas, Dornier Do-228 Light Transport Aircraft, Dhruv- Advanced Light Helicopter, Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) and Light Utility Helicopter (LUH) along with associated engines, avionics & accessories. Additionally, HAL has production line available for production of Su-30 MKI Aircraft, Hawk Advance Jet Trainer, Chetak and Cheetal Helicopters. HAL has been supporting the fleet of Indian Defence for over five decades. Currently, HAL is providing ROH for 12 types of aircraft/ helicopter and 14 types of engines. HAL has also diversified its business into Aerospace structure and Industrial Marine Gas Turbines.

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BEL, a Navratna Company, established in 1954 under MoD has nine Units across India. BEL has core competencies in Defence sector in areas of Radars &Weapon Systems, Sonars, Communication, EWS, Electro-Optics and Tank Electronics. In Non-Defence sector, BEL's product range includes EVMs, Tablet PCs, ICs, Hybrid Microcircuits, Semiconductor devices, solar cells etc.

R&D: BEL has set up R&D facilities in all nine Units to achieve self-reliance. BEL spends around 8% of its turnover on R&D.

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BEL Optronic Devices Limited (BELOP) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), Bangalore, the premier Defence Electronics Company under the Ministry of Defence. BELOP is a single unit company located at Pune, and engaged in indigenous manufacture of strategic high performing image intensifier tubes. The details of the grant received by BELOP from the Government of India is given as under:

Sl. No. Grant given by GoIPurpose/Objective of the grant/fund given to BELOP
1. Rs. 260.40 Crores The grant of Rs.260.40 crores has been granted to BELOP s holding company BEL for the purpose of acquisition of Technology for XD-4 I.I. Tubes. As the ToT was implemented at BELOP and the grant was in turn given to BELOP by BEL.Thus, BELOP has not directly received the grant from the MoD.

Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a Mini Ratna Category-I Company was incorporated in the year 1970 under the Ministry of Defence. A pioneer in the manufacture of Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM) in the country, BDL is now involved in manufacturing ATGMs of new generation, Surface-to-air weapon systems, strategic weapons, launchers, underwater weapons, decoys and test equipment. BDL is fully geared up to meet the demands of the Armed Forces by capacity augmentation of all Major projects including ATGMs and SAMs by establishing new units at Amravati, Maharashtra and Ibrahimpatnam, Ranga Reddy District, Telangana State.

BDL's three Units at Kanchanbagh, Bhanur and Visakhapatnam have ISO 14001 Certification. BDL's Production Divisions, Design & Engineering and Information Technology Divisions have obtained ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

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BEML Limited (formerly Bharat Earth Movers Limited) was established in May 1964 as a Public Sector Undertaking for Rail Coaches & Spare Parts and Mining equipment as its Bengaluru complex. The company is listed on both exchanges (BSE and NSE) with Government of India owning 54.03% and rest 44.97% is held by Financial Institutions, Foreign Institutional Investors, Banks, Public and Employees.

BEML Limited, a Schedule 'A' company under Ministry of Defence, Government of India, plays a pivotal role and serves India's core sectors like, Defence, Rail, Power, Mining and Infrastructure. The company started with a modest turnover of Rs. 5 Cr. during 1965 and today thanks to its diverse business portfolio, the company has been able to achieve a turnover of more than Rs. 4,300 Cr. The company operates under three major business verticals, viz. Defence & Aerospace, Mining & Construction and Rail & Metro. The three verticals are serviced by nine manufacturing units located at Bengaluru, Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) and Mysore (all in Karnataka), Palakkad (Kerala). Company's international business covers over 69 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI) was established in the year 1973 as a Government of India Enterprise under administrative control of Ministry of Defence. The production unit of MIDHANI, located at Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad, was commissioned in the year 1982. MIDHANI was set up with a view to achieve self-reliance in production and supply of various super alloys, special steels, soft magnetic alloys to Defence and other Strategic Sectors such as Energy,Space and Aeronautical applications. The guiding factors for setting up of MIDHANI were the demand for Defence oriented technologies, which come under the national priorities. The materials manufactured by MIDHANI are basically import substitutes and their non-availability would have affected various strategic programs of the country.

With 48 years of glorious past MIDHANI is one of the leading manufacturers of special steels, Superalloys, and the only manufacturer of Titanium alloys in India. Our state-of-the-art facilities are capable of catering to complex and dynamic requirements of critical materials.The manufacturing facilities at MIDHANI include Primary and Secondary melting furnaces such as Electric Arc Furnace with Ladle Refining Furnace, Vacuum Degassing/Vacuum Oxygen Decarburisation, Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace, Vacuum Induction Refining Furnace, Vacuum Arc Re-Melting Furnace, Electro Slag Re-Melting Furnace and Electron Beam Melting Furnace. Subsequent operations are carried out at 6000T/1500T Forge Presses, Ring Rolling Mill, Hot Rolling and Cold Rolling Mills, Bar and Wire Drawing Mills etc. based on the output, form and sizes required. The auxiliary supporting services like conditioning, heat treatment, machining, pickling, quality control also forms part of MIDHANI's manufacturing processes.

MIDHANI has diversified and has set up several facilities such as Wide Plate Mill (WPM)- a state of art facility, capable of rolling plate with 3 Meter width to cater to the needs of Strategic Sectors. Armor facility at Rohtak, Haryana to cater to the need for high end Armour products and Springs Project facilitate MIDHANI's presence in Railway sector .With these additions, MIDHANI is poised to witness growth and expand its global reach. Utkarsha Aluminium Dhatu Nigam Limited a Joint Venture (50:50) Company between MIDHANI and National Aluminium Co. Ltd (NALCO) for setting up Aluminium Alloy Plant at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh has also been incorporated.

With the advancement in technology within India and abroad, materials such as Super alloys, Titanium alloys and Special steels, which are the core products of MIDHANI continue to witness incremental demands thereby resulting in increase of production over the years.


Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) is the leading Shipyard amongst all Defence PSU Shipyards engaged in construction of Warships and Submarines. MDL is presently constructing Missile Destroyers, Stealth Frigates and Scorpene Submarines in order to achieve self-reliance in warship production for the Indian Navy.

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Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), a Mini-Ratna Category-I Company is a profit making & dividend paying DPSU for the last 22 years. It has kept pace with India's expanding maritime interests and is established as a leading Shipbuilding yard.

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Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL), a Mini-Ratna Group-I status company, is capable of indigenously designing and building sophisticated high technology ships for Indian Defence Forces and other varied clients including export markets. New business development areas identified under diversification include construction of Hovercrafts for Indian Army. GSL prides itself in timely delivery of ships at 'fixed cost' and enjoys very strong execution skills.

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HSL is the largest and a strategically located shipyard at Vishakhapatnam. The yard has built more than 174 vessels and repaired about 1940 vessels for Defence and Maritime Sector.

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Name of Organisation (s) under the Ministry/ Department Name of all the organisation (s) (Gov./ Public/ Private/ autonomous/ NGOs/ others/ Schemes/ programmes/ receiving grants funds (both receiving and non receiving) from the Ministries/ Departments Since when the grant/ funds are being released (year wise details for the last 10 years may be provided) Proposed Objective of the grants/ funds given to Organisations / Govt./ Public/ Private/ Autonomous/ NGOs/ Others Quantum of the grants/ funds given to Organisations / Govt./ Public/ Private/ Autonomous NGOs/ others Rules of Provisions under which grants/ funds have been given Whether the purpose have been achieved or it is still to be realised Whether AR/ AAs have been prepared and laid If the answer to the query in Col. 8 is Yes details thereof and if No the reasons for not doing so may be informed
Hindustan Shipyard Limited Grant in aid received from Govt. 2010-11 Financial Restructuring Package 452.68 Cr.
Capital grant received from Government 2016-17 Restoration of facilities damaged and destroyed during HUDHUD cyclone 200

AWEIL headquartered at Kanpur has 8 factories located at Kanpur, Cossipore, Jabalpur, Korwa, Tiruchirappalli and Ishapur is engaged in the business of manufacturing weapons and equipment of both small and large caliber.

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GIL headquartered at Kanpur has 1 factory located in Kanpur is engaged in the business of manufacturing parachutes including Brake Parachutes for Fighter Aircrafts etc.

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TCL headquartered at Kanpur has 4 factories located at Kanpur, Shahjahanpur, Avadi and Hazratpur is engaged in the business of manufacturing troop comfort items like Uniforms, ECC, tents etc.

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AVNL with its headquarter at Avadi, Chennai has 5 factories located at Avadi, Chennai, Yeddumailaram, Jabalpur and Ambernath is engaged in the business of manufacturing of Armoured Vehicle, B Vehicles etc.

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MIL with its headquarter at Pune has 12 factories located at Khadki, Aruvankadu, Tiruchirappalli, Bhandara, Bolangir, Chandrapur, Dehu Road, Khamaria, Nalanda and Varangaon is engaged in the business of manufacturing ammunition of all calibers and military, commercial and industrial explosives of various kinds.

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YIL with its headquarter at Nagpur has 8 factories located at Ambajhari, Ambarnath, Bhusawal, Dum Dum, Katni, Muradnagar, Ishapore and Jabalpur is engaged in the business of manufacturing Military Grade components and Ancillary products of Ferrous and Non Ferrous type etc.

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IOL with its headquarter at Dehradun has 3 factories located at Dehradun and Chandigarh is engaged in the business of manufacturing optoelectronic items like Tank Sights, Small Arms Sights, Hand held Optical Device etc.

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DPSU 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
HAL 17103 17553 18650 20589 19911.5
BEL 9244 9670 11921 12348 13947
BEML 2623.9 3226.89 3466.84 3320.76 3556.34
BDL 5011 4641.3 3235.22 2591.54 2042.66
GRSE 927.84 1345.52 1378.77 1424.7 1132.76
GSL 1030.2 1342.67 847.8 902.94 827.39
HSL* 618.08 583.54 535.85 494.98 393.27
MDL 3523.67 4399.16 4607.69 4897.43 4041.58
MIDHANI 695.64 697.68 814.83 970.11 771.64
AVNL - - - - 3365
AWEIL - - - - 1660
MIL - - - - 4752
YIL - - - - 1367
GIL - - - - 123
IOL - - - - 691
TCL - - - - 776
Total 40777.3 43459.8 45458 47539.5 59278.1


* Figures indicated against VoP are Net Turnover (i.e. excluding taxes & duties)

Figures indicated in respect of AVNL, AWEIL, MIL, YIL, GIL, IOL and TCL are Revenue (Rs in Cr)

TABLE-II Profit after Tax of DPSUs: 
DPSU 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
HAL 2616 1987 2346 2842 3232.96
BEL 1548 1399 1927 1794 2065
BEML 84.44 129.45 63.49 68.38 74.8
BDL 524.06 528.15 422.59 534.90 257.76
GRSE 11.47 92.40 109.94 163.48 153.47
GSL 117.40 217.33 131.52 197.77 127.91
HSL 53.77 20.99 36.23 13.03 (14)
MDL 548.99 439.93 517.28 408.48 479.57
MIDHANI 126.31 131.26 130.56 159.73 166.29
Total 5630.44 4945.51 5684.61 6181.77 6543.76