Vigilance Activities in DDP during 2015-16

Action Taken by Department of Defence Production:

  1. Preventive Vigilance - In order to increase the level of transparency in various activities of Defence PSUs and Ordnance Factory Board, 9 ‘Actionable Points’ i.e. Inter Organisation Audit, Covering 90% contracts under Integrity Pact, Reduction in limited/ single tenders through gradual vendor development, 90% of procurements (by value) through e-Procurement, Streamlining the mode of Recruitment in PSUs, Updation of all Works and Procurement manuals and Conducting CTE type inspection by the CVOs of PSUs/ OFB etc., were circulated to all the DPSUs and OFB for necessary action. The progress of these ‘Actionable Points’ is monitored regularly through quarterly reports.
  2. Structured Meeting - Structured Meeting between CVOs of all DPSUs/OFB and CVO/ DDP was held on 21.09.2015 to assess the progress made in implementation of actionable points and to discuss other Vigilance related matters.
  3. Training/Seminar - Two days seminar and open house discussion for vigilance officers of DPSUs, OFB, DGQA and DGAQA was organised by DDP Vigilance in MIDHANI, Hyderabad in the year 2015.
  4. Punitive Vigilance - Under the punitive vigilance, following actions in respect of Group ‘A’ officers of OFB/ DGQA and Board of Directors Level officers of DPSUs were undertaken during the year, 2015:

Sl. No. Action Taken Number of Officers Involved
1. Major Penalty imposed 09
2. Minor Penalty imposed 04
3. Warning issued 09
4. Major Penalty Charge Sheet issued 10
5. Minor Penalty Charge Sheet issued 03

Actions Taken by Organizations under DDP

Ordnance Factory Board (OFB):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - As a part of preventive vigilance, all tenders above Rs. 10 Crore have been brought under the purview of the Integrity Pact. Works and Procurement Manuals are being updated. 60 Preventive Checks, 3 CTE type checks and 213 Annual Property Return (APR) checks have been carried out during the year.
  2. System improvement - As a part of system improvement, the process of Capacity Verification for non-registered vendors in respect of Open Tenders, which is a long-drawn process, has been de-linked from the tendering process and in order to provide opportunity to the new vendors, advertisements are issued at least twice a year, projecting the procurement requirements of the factories, so that new vendors can get themselves registered after capacity verification and become eligible in the up-coming open tenders.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - The endeavour of Vigilance Department has been to be preventive and proactive through streamlining of procedures and policy interventions. To achieve this objective, various activities were undertaken i.e. 507 Routine and 162 surprise checks were conducted and 33 complaints were taken up for investigation. Disciplinary action has been initiated against 22 officials and administrative action taken against 202 officials.
  2. Vigilance Awareness Week - Vigilance Awareness week was celebrated in HAL with the theme “Preventive Vigilance as a Tool of Good Governance” and following activities were undertaken:
    1. The fortnightly bulletin “V2” is being brought out to sensitize the employees, and a Special issue of in-house vigilance magazine “Marg Darshan” on “Participative Vigilance” was brought out during the Vigilance Awareness week.
    2. A Video Tutorial ‘TEJAS TALK’ on RTI Act 2005 has been finalized and being brought out to understand the provisions of the Act.
    3. One Individual Excellence Award was given by Institute of Public Enterprises, Hyderabad for contribution in drafting corruption risk management policy for HAL and One Excellence Award was given for work done in the case of ‘Irregularities in Procurement of Sweaters’.

Bharat Electricals Limited (BEL):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - As a part of preventive vigilance, File Life cycle Management System has been implemented, 1870 regular and 614 surprise inspections were conducted during the year and CTE type intensive examination of 43 contracts was conducted. Committees have been constituted for upgradation of Works and Procurement manuals.
  2. Training/ Seminar - Vigilance Training Program for newly inducted Probationary Engineers and vigilance awareness programs for various officers and non-executives were conducted. Two days training programme was conducted by Transparency International in association with BEL on “Promoting Transparency in Public Procurement and Integrity Pact”. Various executives and staff of BEL completed Certificate Program in Public Procurement course conducted by World Bank in coordination with Vigilance Study circle, Bengaluru.
  3. Vigilance Awareness Week - Vigilance Awareness week was observed across all the Units/ SBUs, Corporate Office BEL from 26.10.2015 to 31.10.2015. As a part of celebration of Vigilance Awareness Week, the online complaint portal was activated as part of the complaint handling policy, Vigilance Excellence Award-2015 was given to CVO/ BEL by Vigilance Study Circle, Hyderabad. 4th, 5th and 6th issue of in house vigilance Magazine ‘Jagriti’, was released. Book on ‘Vigilance case Studies’ was released.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - As a preventive measure regular and surprise inspections and verification of files were carried out. Annual Property Returns filed by the officers were scrutinised and regular & surprise inspections and verification of files were undertaken. Suggestions for system improvements have been made to the management.
  2. Vigilance awareness programs - Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 26th Oct to 31st Oct’2015 and to encourage transparency in the working of the organisation, GRSE took active part in the ‘Vigilance Study Circle’ program in October, 2015. Training was imparted to newly joined officers in Vigilance Department.

Goa Shipyard limited (GSL):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - The thrust during the year has been on “Preventive vigilance as a tool for Good Governance”. A number of regular inspections and surprise checks of work orders/purchase orders were carried out in various areas. Steps are being taken to ensure transparency through effective use of website and online vendor registration. Defunct vendors are being identified and deleted from vendor database.
  2. Vigilance awareness programs - Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 26th Oct to 31st Oct’2015. Lecture on “Transparency in imports- as a tool for good governance” by Shri Anpazhakan, IRS, Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax attended by the executives of the Goa Shipyard during the week. Orientation, Lecture and presentation on vigilance awareness was conducted for newly inducted Management Trainees and Executives.

Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL):

Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 26th Oct to 31st Oct’2015. A seminar was also organized for all officers. 02 CTE type reports and 06 scrutiny reports for system improvement were prepared along with suggestions. Surprise checks were conducted at various departments.

Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - Surprise/Spot Checks were conducted by Vigilance Executives and suggestions/corrective measures were recommended to the management for systemic improvement. 02 CTE type examinations were completed.
  2. Vigilance awareness programs - Vigilance Awareness week 2015 was observed from 26th Oct to 31st Oct’2015 and following activities were organized to spread vigilance awareness
    1. In-house Vigilance Journal ‘SUCHARITA’ Volume XVIII was released.
    2. A vendor’s meet was arranged and a speech by eminent guest speaker Shri Edassery Sebastion, Director/ Financial Advisory of Deloitte TTI Ltd Bangalore was also arranged.
    3. Slogan, Essay and poster making competition on vigilance related topics in Hindi, Marathi & English were organized. An online quiz contest on Vigilance related topics was also held for MDL employees.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd. (MIDHANI):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - As a part of preventive vigilance, surprise/ routine checks in sensitive areas and examination of inventory records in various departments were carried out and CTE type examination on Flourspar procurement and Job work contracts were undertaken. Procurement files were examined on regular basis to ensure transparency and fairness and ‘system improvements’ were suggested from time to time on various subjects.
  2. Corruption Risk Management policy was formulated in line with Enterprise Risk Management policy. 90% of payments are made through RTGS.
  3. Vigilance Awareness Week - Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 26th Oct to 31st Oct’2015 and lectures by speakers were delivered on Vigilance in preventing corruption. Essay writing and various competitions were also organized as a part of celebration of Vigilance Awareness Week.

Bharat Dynamics Ltd. (BDL):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - As a part of preventive vigilance various activities were undertaken during the year 2015 i.e. IMM and Works Manuals have been revised in tune with modern requirements and the Recruitment Manual/Rules have also been revised. New bidders are being trained ‘online’ to participate in e-tendering process and automatic tender intimation email facility has been made available in e-tendering process for informing the vendors. Online Vendor Registration has been carried out which improved the vendor base. Online System for Clearance of Bills of Contractors has been introduced for effective bill tracking by Contractors / bidders and 99% of the total payments were made through e-Payments (RTGS/ NEFT / e-Transfers) during the year.
  2. A Standing Committee for Transparency in Procurement especially in Proprietary items / products has been set up.
  3. Vigilance Awareness Week - Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 26th October to 31st October 2015 with the theme of “Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance”.

Directorate General of Quality Assurance (DGQA):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - As an effective tool towards the upkeep and maintenance of preventive vigilance, Surprise/ Vigilance Checks were conducted at Units/Establishments level.
  2. System Improvement Study - Study on ‘System Improvement’ was ordered on “Narrative assessment of Vendors” and “Sampling of stores during Quality Assurance” during the year to find out the areas prone to or susceptible to corruption and to give suggestions / recommendations on measures to be adopted to prevent any scope of corruption in DGQA.
  3. Vigilance Awareness Week - Vigilance Awareness week was observed from 26th Oct 2015 to 31st Oct 2015 in all Units /Establishments as well as at Headquarters’ office of DGQA, Tech Directorates/Admn Directorates to optimize the success of customer-vendor relationship.

Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA):

  1. Preventive Vigilance - The Inspection Notes issued by Field Establishments of DGAQA are constantly monitored at DGQA Headquarters as a proactive and preventive measure and to enhance transparency in dealing with the trade sources, a quarterly report on data collection is made available to DG/DGQA.
  2. Vigilance Awareness Week - As a part of vigilance awareness activities, banners with appropriate slogans were displayed and in-house talks were organised during the Vigilance Awareness Week from 26 Oct 15 to 31 Oct 15.